CTI and VoIP Applications

Anytime. Any place. Anyone.
The Internet isn’t just a resource for accessing information. With VoIP and CTI solutions from inTouch Communications, it can also provide the communications framework to manage communications and information – by anyone in your company, at any time and in any place.

The key is our ability to create a software gateway between Samsung OfficeServe CTI applications and your Samsung key system using the broadband capabilities of the Internet. The result allows your telephone and computer interactions to be integrated over the same line of communication – the Internet – to deliver distinctive advantages to your business.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
Literally, this technology allows you to use your Internet connection to route voice and data communications over the same line. This allows your people to make and receive phone calls anywhere in the world, as long as they have an Internet connection. It also offers additional capabilities such as more affordable video conferencing, instant messaging, as well as data and file exchange.

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
Integrates telephone and computer communications such as voice, e-mail, Web and fax. So, your computer screen displays information about the caller, including phone number, address and details about their account. This facilitates improved customer service by allowing the representative to access details about the customer in an instant. It also helps to speed call resolution.

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